Your home is your castle and Smart Home Technologies believes that it should also be the source of peace, not frustration. Let us create a functional home theater for you where you will be able to relax and enjoy quality time with your family. We can also make your life easier in a variety of ways.

Just take a look:

Home Automation Controls

Using only top-end lines such as Crestron, we have the ability to literally control every aspect of your home from your smartphone or tablet.  Want a certain song to play in  a certain room at a certain volume when you walk in the door?  We can do that.  On a cold winter’s day, do you want to come home to a cold house?  You don’t have to.  You can turn up the heat on your smartphone when you leave the office and come home to warmth!  Would you like the ability to have your TV cut out and have a hidden camera show you who is at the door when the doorbell rings?  Yep…we can do that too.  And a whole lot more.  As a matter of fact, if you can think of it, we have already done it.

Central Vacuum

      Are you tired of hauling your vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs?  Why bother?!  We can install strategically placed outlets anywhere in your home where crumbs, dust, or pet hair accumulates.
Just  plug your Cyclo Vac hose into your wall outlets, vacuum up your mess, and move on to your next mess.  It is that easy!

Climate Control

       Do you and your spouse enjoy sleeping in a cool room, but want your baby to fall asleep in a warmer room?  No problem!  With Crestron’s series of room control devices, everyone in your home can sleep in the climate of their choosing.  No more compromising…live (and sleep) the way you want!

Computer Networking

Energy Management Systems

Flat Panel TVs

It seems that every day, a new flat-panel invention enters the AV market.  Keeping up with all of these technological advances can be confusing enough, but when you factor in variables such as natural light in your viewing room, the size of the television and the room, and the myriad of features and benefits that each Samsung television contains, perhaps a consult with an AV professional would be a wise choice.  We have consulted on all kinds of televisions in all different kinds of rooms and conditions.  Don’t be afraid to reach out…not every television fits in every room or situation!

Home Theater

Has your children’s old playroom become a collection center for unused furniture or long-forgotten toys?  How about turning it into a fully-functional home theater that can literally blow your hair back? We can easily design a system that can turn a room that you have to lock to keep your guests out into a fully-functional, movie-theater quality, talk of the neighborhood.  Using Paradigm’s incredible selection of of in-wall, in-ceiling, or floorstanding speakers and subwoofers is a sure-fire way to turn the ugliest room in your home into the room you will never want to leave!

Lighting Control


Home Entertainment Systems

Phone Systems


Shade Control

Structure Wiring

Technology Design Services



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