Satisfied Customers

“Smart Home Technologies helped me to get organized by combining my remotes for my stereo, TV and Blu-Ray player into one easy to understand remote that even my kids and house guests can understand – it’s truly a lifesaver!” – Aaron


“Smart Home Technologies is great! First they helped us install our DirecTV dish and receivers. Then they helped us set up a zoned audio system that allows us to select in what rooms (our master bedroom and bath, garage, kitchen, sunroom and/or deck/patio) we want to listen to music — I love this!

Most recently, Smart Home Technologies combined the remote controls for our Blu-ray player, DirecTV HD DVR and surround sound system onto a RTI Touch Screen System that also has a local game outlet and AppleTV. Now everyone in our entire family, even our 5-year-old, can run our home theater — it’s that easy!

We are really grateful to have Smart Home Technologies as our technology provider!”
— Kelly, Busy Working Mom, Age 40